Internet Technologies – is a part of our life


In the nearest future we expect transformation of existing media channels. More or less, all of them will soon be part of Digital.


Effective, but at the same time very sophisticated tool to work with the target audience. Achievement of an advertising campaign result is possible with proper planning and a detailed analysis at each stage.


Work on reinforcement of the image, organization of large-scale promotions or development of brand awareness — media advertising is indispensable here. Media advertising on the Internet can also be a powerful support for the offline campaign.



In the concept of media promotion we include not only banner placement, but also non-standard projects, branding, video advertising.


Contextual advertising — is one of the most effective tools for the sale of goods or services. The main feature of the contextual advertising is a wide range of settings for your ad impressions for the most accurate target buyers` determination, using all possible contextual advertising systems — Yandex, Google AdWords, Begun.


Thus, your ad will be seen by the interested users in the necessary regions.



Simple Agency – is a certified agency of the major contextual advertising systems — Yandex, Google AdWords, Begun.


Social Media Marketing (SMM) — promotion and maintenance of your company’s status in social networks.

The ability to effectively communicate with your regular and potential customers. Getting feedback how to improve certain products and services, and just raise your credibility among your customers.



Promotion in social networks is a guarantee, that you will always be surrounded by like-minded, loyal and regular customers, who themselves will attract new customers to you and represent your brand from the brightest side.


Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Statistically, in 90% of cases customers trust to opinion of their friends, co-workers, family members and social network contacts.


Loyalty of the target audience is one of the main success indicators for any brand.

To form the target audience and to attract potential customers, you need to monitor their opinion after using your product or help them to choose the right one.



It is important not only to monitor and manage their opinions, but also use this channel for active communication with them.

Analytical tools:


Tool for socio-demographic and behavioral analysis of web users


Tool for socio-demographic and behavioral analysis of web users


Offline preferences and behavior research of online users


Tool for the Internet resources analysis


Tool for digital media campaigns monitoring and evaluation


Tool for search queries study and analysis


Tool for media campaigns planning


Tool to track website traffic and in-depth analysis of visitor data

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