Common media


TV advertising is one of the most effective forms of communication with the consumer. People watch movies, series, news, even unconsciously looking through commercials, which affect their minds. TV ads are pricy, but worth every penny, — the higher advertising costs are the more profit you get.


TV advertising has several advantages:


  • A clear demonstration of the product, its various properties. Consumer can see all the advantages of the product.
  • TV ads arise various emotions among the consumers, and this draws their attention to the product. When choosing a product or service, the decision to purchase is made on the basis of acquired experience and interest, awakening a desire to make a purchase.


TV advertising is the best way to promote the products of mass consumption. Simple Agency can offer exclusive advertising conditions on all Ukrainian TV channels to our clients


Out-of-Home Advertising (OOH) – is a powerful tool to reach target audience and a great opportunity to segment consumers in the community, up to districts and streets.


Outdoor advertising provides a number of distinctive characteristics that distinguish it from the general list of the media:


  • Outdoor ads are true noticeable, and thus making a strong impact on consumers;
  • OOH-sponsored stories are commonly set for a long period of time, allowing consumers to remember the trademark or brand even better;
  • OOH-Advertising is known as a one of quickest ways to spread information about the products and services.


Reasonable cost of outdoor advertising will allow you to spend your publicity costs wisely.



Outdoor advertising is a necessary part of a comprehensive advertising campaign of any trade mark or brand.


Radio is a permanent communication with the consumer. It follows us almost everywhere. The number of cars and drivers increase day by day, and so the radio audience is growing up quickly. Your advertising message will easily reach the end consumer with such an effective communication channel as radio.


Radio advertising has following advantages:



  • Great coverage and availability. After development of digital broadcast technologies, FM-radio becomes more accessible anywhere and at any time — in mp3 players, mobile phones, computers;
  • Individual approach to the consumer;
  • Great opportunity to engage the listener in brand communication;
  • Radio ads encourage consumers to think about the product, forcing people even subconsciously to become familiar with your products and services.


Statistiucally, the print advertising is known as one of the higheston profitability.

Printed ads did show great results ten years ago and still remain on top nowadays. This advertising tool can be successfully applied as an independent option, or as a part of a complex presentation campaign for various goods and services.



Simple Agency offers you print advertising on the most favorable terms and conditions:


  • Only in the publications, which directly response to your target audience;
  • Only that type of advertisement, which is better perceived by customers, and thus will provide the highest performance!